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Hayvadana (1983), Writer: Girish Karnad, Direction and Music: B. V. Karanth.
Image: Hayvadana (1983), Writer: Girish Karnad, Direction and Music: B. V. Karanth. (NP Acc. No. 463)
Natarang, the Quarterly Magazine

Natarang Pratishthan has taken over the publication of Natarang which is the only journal of its kind dedicated to the development and documentation of activities and ideas in theatre. Natarang is also the only theatre quarterly that has survived for the past 35 years providing a pan Indian forum for information, dialogue and debate on contemporary theatre. The journal is an important reference manual for anybody who wants to know what is happening in Hindi theatre, theatre in other Indian languages and indeed in the world.

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Natarang Pratishthan Showcase Director


"Baba has not tied down himself with any particular form like his contemporaries-Ratan Thiyam, Pannikar, Habib Tanvir. He has utilized all the forms like – dialects of Madhya Pradesh, folk tunes, Rangpatti, style of south and elements of Sanskrit theatre. With all this his productions appear like our own and not belonging to any particular form or style. He thinks only about theatre. When he was in jail he was doing theatre and thinking about theatre."

Karanth- the man who spreads theatre virus

“Karanth is a brilliant director”

Bhaskar (Financial Express)

"A writer composer, translator, film maker and teacher Karanth is essentially a man of the theatre.
About is film making he feels that acting in cinema is quite different from that in theatre. The favourable reaction about his film has proved that even a novel without any outstanding literary merit can be turned into an excellent film."

Face to Face – 1972

"All stage is his world."

Sujata Shenoy
Times of India (24 Jan 89)

"B. V. Karanth: An artist and a missionary"

Reeta Sondhi
E. T. (3 April 83)

"The success of Bhopal Rangmandal lies in the fact that Karanth has used various local styles, conventions, behaviour patterns to make it easily communicable (acceptable) and creative which establishes the character of Indian theatre."

Bhopal Rangmandal